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Privately-owned company Jelly Valuable Recollections Through Tape and Film Change to Computerized Records and DVDs. BETHEL, CT — We as a whole make them lay around the house — old VHS home motion pictures, Sony 8mm Handicap home motion pictures, 8mm and 16mm film, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The advancement of innovation has left a large number of us with our home films in more established designs that we can never again play and, surprisingly, more awful, they’re disintegrating. Enter John Robertson, Bethel, Conn. occupant and master memory preserver.

Robertson is the pioneer behind Make My DVD and has been the sole representative beginning around said it’s the individual scrupulousness that separates him from the large box stores. “I separate my business from the drop-off Costco and Walgreens stores by moving your tapes and film here in Bethel, giving you individual help, meticulousness and will attempt to work with you on the off chance that you’re on a tight spending plan. “Robertson made sense of that multiple occasions old tapes or film can be hard to move and many individuals don’t have a VCR or different gadgets to play the accounts in the more established designs.

“At times I go through hours on a tape that won’t play not entirely set in stone to get the most ideal exchange from it,” Robertson said. “As a matter of fact, on the off chance that my clients had sent these inconvenient tapes to Costco or Walgreens, the image and sound quality would have come out terrible, if by any means.”

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Pictures are Property of Robertson Media Administrations LLC. Robertson’s clients would rather not cling to boxes of film Reels, Slides or VHS, yet they would like to save their recollections on a computerized design. “Our clients love our film change administration on the grounds that the eventual outcome is generally obviously superior to them were anticipating. Such outcomes just come as a matter of fact, time and expert film checking gear. Our expert 8mm film scanner was initially intended for use in Hollywood by the Film Foundation Film Document, and presently make my DVD utilizes that equivalent expert film unit to change over your film reels,” he shared.

One client said that Robertson’s work, assisting with saving the memory of her dad was beyond value

“My dad was killed in a mishap in and to me those 10 seconds of him playing with me as a child are precious. I can’t completely accept that how clear the film was reestablished to upon the transformation and how energetic you made the variety. “Another blissful client said, “My Father is as yet discussing how it’s the best gift he has had in seemingly forever, and is really so exceptionally cheerful and excited with the gift. I haven’t seen him this cheerful about a gift of all time! Caps off to you John, you’re not kidding! “As a wedded dad of four and a nearby entrepreneur, Robertson said he trusts that individuals will uphold his privately-run companies who takes the time required, focuses on detail and has the experience important to save such valuable, inestimable recollections.






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